Food & Beverage

I-Dika is specialized in wine and spirits transportation and warehousing, ensuring the optimization of storage and distribution processes.
Logistic service offered provides that beverage sector companies are able to outsource the whole of wine and spirits supply chain, relieving of fixed costs related to overheads and staff and of problems related to warehouse management.
Thanks to its internal customs and to its bonded and fiscal warehouses with its own excises number I-dika offers tailor-made services to meet customers’ needs such as pick up, warehousing, loading/unloading of the goods, shipments preparation, forwarding and delivery in addition to managing all custom requirements related to goods imported from or exported to anywhere in the world.
Whether is a single bottle or a container, in Italy or abroad, I-dika helps many beverage companies every day to do business.


    • G.D.O. / Ho.Re.Ca. / private shipments, shipments with cash-on-delivery payments management
    • Transport by road from and to all over Europe
    • Container shipments by sea and by air
    • E-commerce sales
    • Air-conditioned warehouses
    • Temperature controlled trucks
    • Fiscal warehouse with our own excise number
    • Bonded warehouse
    • Excises management
    • Application of tax markings
    • In-house customs consultant
    • Partners with bonded warehouses for excise management abroad all over Europe
    • Inbound, outbound and warehousing
    • Picking, kitting e packing
    • Customized packages
    • Processing on customer’s demand
    • Tracking of orders
    • Returned goods management