Internal Customs

This department originated from the long experience and from the in-depth knowledge of our staff.
We directly complete customs formalities related to our customers shipments, without the need of external customs agent.
The service is provided even only for customs handling, with no requirement that related shipments are carried out by us.


Our services:
    • Direct import and export customs formalities fulfillment
    • Expert customs assistance in international trade
    • Assistance for the status of approved exporters or of customs procedures specialization courses
    • Management of triangular trade
    • Euroclearing
    • Warehouses for VAT payment/Excises purposes
    • Bonded warehouse
    • EAD and DSA management
    • Application of tax markings on spirit bottles
    • Excises payment in Italy
    • Excises management all over Europe, together with leading partners possessors of excises warehouses